The Fertility Calculator Reviews

What Is A Fertility Calculator? Fertility Monitors

There are many brands of the Fertility Calculator, also known as the Fertility Monitor, to choose from. Before making your decision on which is most suitable to you, it is first important to understand what role it plays in family planning. In simplified terms, the Fertility Calculator is a computerized device that detects when ovulation occurs by monitoring hormone levels. Depending on the device, they measure levels in a variety of ways; through saliva, urine, vaginal fluids, basal body temperature or a combination of these methods. Therefore, the Fertility Calculator is a very helpful tool in assisting couples who are trying to conceive, especially if they are having trouble getting pregnant.

The Fertility Calculator – Choosing Which One Is Right for You

When choosing the fertility calculator that is right for you, knowing what criteria suits your needs is most important. Things you should take into consideration are ease of use, budget, accuracy, and customer reviews. Because planning a family is an important step in your life, putting this research into deciding which fertility calculator best suits your needs is highly recommended.

To guide you in your decision, the following popular units are compared here:

Clearblue Easy – This unit uses disposable urine test strips to find your six most fertile days per cycle. The unit comes with a supply of urine sticks and additional strips are easily available for purchase. The unit can be found for approx. $125-$150. As far as customer reviews and testimonials go, you can find many on this particular brand offering a 4.5 Star Rating.



OvaCue – The fertility calculator OvaCue uses your saliva to predict ovulation up to seven days prior. It has an accuracy of over 98%. The advantage to this monitor is unlike urine-based units, there is less mess. The list price for the OvaCue is approx. $249.00 rendering it not quite as budget-friendly. There are also not as many customer reviews on this unit but it still rates well amongst fertility calculators.



Lady-Comp – The benefit to this fertility calculator is it can be used for assisting in conceiving and as a drug-free birth control method. It is 99.3% accurate. This unit measures basal body temperature therefore it is mess-free and very easy to use. This fertility monitor is also 99.3% effective which puts it in the front-running for accuracy. Of course, the price tag for this unit is higher then their competition which may mean it does not suit your budget. It lists at approx. $485.00.
With 277 reviews offering a 4.5 out of 5 rating and a budget-friendly price tag, Clearblue Easy comes out ahead. For accuracy however and itsdual functionality, Lady-Comp is a great choice if it fits into your budget. No matter which fertility calculator you choose however, it’s clear it is a valuable tool in family planning and perhaps even the fastest way to get pregnant!